Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Add Cool New Widgets You Make to Your Blog

Check out this link to pick up cool new widgets, register your own, create your own customized widgets with news feeds and much more. Just click our blog post title to visit

I think that there are some very cool ones there. Here is one that I am going to try out in a day or so It's a random feed slide show widget that allows you to enter your own news feeds and then randomly displays them in a slide show format. Very neat. I don't have time to try it out today, but I will be adding it to this blog or our Web-World Watch blog this week. I'll point you there when I do.

Adding cool interactive gadgets to your web pages and blogs can really be fun. With a little research on the Web you can find all kind of very cool things to make your blog more interesting and fun for readers.

I also liked the liquid clock and will try that one out too!

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