Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blogs Bring a Website More Traffic

Okay don't give me grief, the link in our post title is to a PowerPoint show that gives the real site statistics showing that a blog will bring a site between 20 to 35% more traffic and I mean unique visitors not hits. I know that PowerPoint is not browser friendly, but this is a great show that I created for a conference on blogging.

In the presentation are the real world statistics of a number of website that we tracked for a several month period. You'll see screen shots of their Urchin stats proving the traffic increase. The show contains no viruses or malware. There is no refuting the traffic increases that you can see for yourself! Of note also is a comparison of two sites on the same topic with the same content one that blogged and one that didn't. The traffic difference between the two is striking.

You can get the free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft here if you do not have PowerPoint installed.

So if you even thought that blogging was just about yakking and a personal diary, I'm here to tell you that its about the increased traffic results!

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