Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Feedburner, I Love You

Don't you? Are you using Feedburner? I have made the jump for this blog to feedburner. It used to be that I totally wanted all my URLs to carry my own site brand and so I have really balked at embracing Feedburner's applications. But for Blog-World Watch I am trying out everything new.

I have to say that the ability to read some statistics on your feed is a good thing and that is one of the things that Feedburner allows you to do. Although your feed becomes a new beast, has a Feedburner URL now I am not worried about that for this blog. I am using a custom domain from Blogspot for this blog, the Feedburner URLs, and the new interface, so I have thrown my fixation on site branding right out the window for this test and blog.

There are a few really neat things that I like about Feedburner and here they are:

  1. Statistics - finally that you can understand. Still only 10% of Web-World is using feeds to view information. Wish it was higher, but RSS technology has still not been widely embraced.
  2. Love the integrated new widgets. Want to add a chicklet? Feedburner makes it super point and click easy.
  3. Make your feed automatically available for any news reader. No more RSS flavor choices. Will you go with Atom or RSS 2.0? Feedburner does it all for you with auto-sensing so you don't ever loose anyone for a technology mis-match.
  4. Allow your blog readers to subscribe to posts via email. Get your blog information the good old fashioned way - by email. I haven't added this feature yet to this blog, but will most likely in the near future. I use that feature for sites that I am paying my ghost bloggers to write for so that I can monitor their posts and do like it, but you know what I am ready to write and ready to stop fooling around with my template.

So if you've been hanging back from Feedburner due to the URL branding thing, now's the time to let go of that and embrace some of the great new technology that Feedburner provides.

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