Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Solution for Blogspot Custom Domains

Okay, finally, I am a power user with Blogger and I even had problems setting up a custom domain on the new blogger. But I finally have it figured out so here's the low-down on how to do it.

  1. Sign up for a blog on and pretend that you want it to be hosted at Blogspot. Don't click anything that asks for custom FTP settings. Do that and you won't get any of the new Ajax tools and widgets from the new Blogger interface.
  2. Click the Settings tab and then the Publish tab. Here you will enter in your custom domain name. My Blogspot name for this blog was I entered in the custom domain place
  3. This is where is got confusing. I thought that for my blog to show, I had to go to and set up a subdirectory domain. You do NOT have to do that. In fact if you do that the publishing feature will not work and your blog will not show.
  4. However, this next step is crucial. You must log in to your hosting account, domain account, or whatever and add a CNAME listing tied to your domain name. I use Hostway for my hosting account. So I logged into my domain name management ine the DNS manager section and added a CNAME in this fashion on the left I entered blog (it will not work if you enter on the right I entered and then clicked enter. This allows Blogspot to link up the blog properly to your custom domain. Any deviation and the custom domain will not work or be visible.

That's it. Seems simple enough, but there was not concise information on the Web and clearly from the forums and blog posts on this topic many and I mean many people have had big problems with this set up.

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Patrick Gresham said...

Thanks for your article. I was following the directions on google's blogspot site, however they were still somewhat confusing. Your article confirmed what I was doing.