Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ghost Blogging Services

Thinking about getting into blogging? We can make it easy with our ghost blogging services. Now you can blog only when you feel like it. We'll keep up the frequency to get you organic placement and take the pressure off of you so you can write only when you want to and only on the topics you love.

We have three level of ghost blogging services. Click the post title to go to our services page.

I was just recently interviewed by Tony Kontzer for Investors Business Daily for an article on executive ghost blogging. When they let me know that the article has been published, I will post a link to it. They tell me that the article will be available online for a limited period and then available only to subscribers in the archive.

The article will speak to how should executives handle ghost blogging, what are their responsibilities in working with the ghost blogger, what should the blogger be doing, and how effective and widespread is ghost blogging use. I think that it will be an interesting piece.

Ghost blogging is hot and executive ghost blogging a well know secret in the industry. If you are ready to let go of your current blog because you are simply too busy, have had good intentions about blogging but have not kept up the frequency, we can step in and easily take over.

Blogging can be great fun, but if you are busy, it can become a real chore and one that you can start to dread. We'll can make blogging easy for you with our popular ghost blogging service.

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