Thursday, May 10, 2007

Will a Blog Increase Your Sales

I have had this asked recently and I wanted to post a blog comment about blogging to increase sales.

Most of our clients are blogging for other reasons than to specifically increase sales on their website. Below are the main reasons that our clients are blogging:

  1. Create unique content for viewers
  2. Allow viewers to interact with the website through comments and responses
  3. Set apart their site from competitors by having a blog
  4. Blog for search engine placement -keyword dense posts, regular new content, create authority
  5. To become the voice of their industry

As I look at this list as a business person, won't all of these things bring new business? You bet they will. Blogging for the above reasons creates credibility, authority, and improves search engine placement as part of an organic SEO program. But can I say that your sales will increase 5 or 10% if you blog. No, I do not have statistical data to prove that. But as a smart business person I know that get more people to your site, have them stay longer, impress them with your smarts and caring, and this does increase your business and gives you more opportunities to make sales.

So will a blog increase your sales. I believe that it is a good business strategy, but can I prove a sales increase factor? Not at this time, but hey that might be a good white paper in the future. Let me know your two cents on this by clicking comments below and let me know what you think.

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