Thursday, June 14, 2007

Improving Web Visibility with Comments on Blogs

Have you searched for your own business on the Web lately? If you are an online entrepreneur in the tech industry, it is important to monitor what appears about you and your business online.

I did a search yesterday and found it highly interesting that posts to blogs and forums that I had made this past year actually ranked on queries for my name and business. That being said, it is important to stay on top in your industry and keep your name in front.

What I do is follow some of the top blogs and forums in my industry and when I see a topic that I like, I do take time to create an interesting and thoughtful response. Make sure if you are using this strategy that you only post and take time on the sites that will really help you, like Matt Cutts blog, The MSN Search Blog, Search Engine Watch, or even SearchEngine Land blogs. But remember what you write lasts forever.

Even if I disagree with an author, my policy has always been to not flame someone but to honor their point of view and then to layout my own. You can read my comments to the privacy issue on Google on this Matt Cutts post or our comments at Search Engine Land here as well.

Once you start to monitor your own business and name placement on Google, you will see the real value for taking time to comment on high profile posts and always point back to your own site as this is the perk for leaving your comment on top sites. Not only will you learn something and stay abreast of what is happening in your industry, but you will create quality inbound links to your website from authoritative and popular websites.

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