Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Content Writing

I have found that the most engaging style for blogging is in the first person. As we perform ghost blogging services for many clients nationwide, I've seen all type of client preferences.

Some clients want purely dry informational blogs, some want how to's, some want personal information and personal interest stories, and some want no links to their website and talk about their services.

From all the blogs I review and conferences with clients, I think that the best approach is good content with a gentle plus back to the owner's website once a week. The most engaging posts are the ones that offer something real - a point a view, a real tip and are not a redux of information that is posted somewhere else on the Web.

As a blog reader as well as a blog writer yes, you can over do selling yourself on your blog and turn people off, but you can occasionally point out the services that you provide and link back to your own website. That makes perfect sense.

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