Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't Upgrade From GoLive CS2 to GoLive 9

Don't do it! You'll really regret it. In fact just today I bought GoLive 9 as an upgrade to GoLive CS2 as I have just moved to Windows Vista. I have already deactivated my software unloaded it and called Adobe to get a full credit.

I really like Adobe GoLive CS2. In GoLive 9, the first warning that you will be disappointed is the software icon. Toocky at best. Not sure who made that one, but I could have even done better. Usually an upgrade is an improvement over the previous version, but not in this case. Adobe did away with the preview view so to see your finished page you have layout view, source code view and PDF view? What's that all about. What web designer cares what their page looks like as a PDF??? You have to open a new button to click live rendering to see your page as a browser would.

But wait it gets worse. I love in GoLive CS2 the point and shoot to add an image or link, and the ability to add hspace and vspace as well. Where is this in GoLive 9?? They have totally done away with drag and drop icons in layout view. This is totally crippling. To add an image now you click file, place, and then browse on your computer and add an image from In Design. Good grief, I don't have In Design so I do not want tools except web designer tools. Also the code that GoLive 9 adds now is crap. When you transport your file to the Web, the images are broken as they are all smart images with references to folders that do not exist on your server. Jeesh, I could not uninstall it fast enough.

Looks like Adobe is forcing us diehard GoLive users into Dreamweaver in the long run. In the meantime, mark off GoLive 9 from your wish list and be glad that you have GoLive CS2. Hopefully that will be my work horse for a while.


Marc Klein said...

Hello Nanacy,

I just read your blog posting about Adobe GoLive 9. I have created many websites over the past ten years using GoLive (fomerly Cyberstudio) and I always liked the ease of use of the application, the drag & drop functionality and many other web development features which make my business life easier. I mainly use Adobe GoLive for client jobs as well as for my own website projects.

Their new table layout inspector is even worse. I am no longer able to edit and modify my pages I have created in prior versions of GoLive. Their new release of GoLive 9 destroys and breaks my page layouts, even though the html formatting is clean and standards compliant.

Now, GoLive 9 re-codes my html web page layouts using non-compliant and incomplete css attributes.

Thus, your entire work flow and your efforts you have made in the past developing standards compliant websites for you and your clients have become according to Adobe "obsolete", because the Adobe Inc. is acting like a "Dictator" and is stipulating web designers and web developers how to code their web pages.

Even though they do not really know by themselves how to make it right!

I have posted an open letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Adobe Inc. Mr. Bruce Chizen on

Here is my online petition:

Dear Mr Bruce Chizen (CEO Adobe Systems Inc.),

I have recently created a site project for a client in France. The
website I have developed by using Adobe GoLive CS2 is not older than one

Since, the content demands to include a lot of data sheet information, I have
decided to use a tables as a suitable layout technique.

I have checked the website under several browsers under Mac and Win.
The layout works fine. Cross-platform, rock solid page layout.
(discovered one bug in the rendering engine of IE, but whatever ...)


Now, I have downloaded and tested your new release of Adobe GoLive 9.0.

From now on, Adobe does not allow me to touch or update the site. Every
time I will make a slight correction to the layout, GoLive will insert
these incomplete css tags in the head and table tags of my page document.

I will have to delete and change the code by hand every time the
client needs to have his site updated. This could end up in a lot of extra
and time consuming work. Of course, the client will not consider to pay for the
extra work. What for? In the end, I have just created a new website for the
client. How do I justify the extra work I will have to invest by working under
your new software release GoLive 9.0.?

What is the reason sir, that you have changed the generated source code of
a very popular and significant palette that has been a standard in this
application (former CyberStudio, GoLive) for the past 10 years!!!

How do you justify these significant changes? How do you justify the extra
work the changes will cause? What is wrong with the code I have created by
using your latest release of GoLive CS2???

As I have noticed, the css technique your are using from now on are not
better then the techniques I have used by developing the site! What
makes you believe that your technique is better then mine?

I have noticed on the other hand, that the technique in web development
I have chosen is more suitable and more reliable with todays browsers.

Why am I no longer allowed to update my site(s) as I did in GoLive CS2?

What am I doing from now on with all the other websites I have created
with a similar technique in the past?

What will my clients say, if they will try to update my developed sites
by themselves? Believe or not, but my clients are using GoLive
to update and maintain their own company websites. What will they tell
me if they try to update the site under GoLive 9.0?

" Hey Marc, the layout no longer works, the new application inserts all
these strange codes in my site when I make a change to the layout ...
My page layout breaks ... I need to have the site updates as quickly
as possible ... What should I do? What am I doing wrong?"

And what will I answer them?

"Oh well, you know, Adobe was in a bad mood at the time they developed
the new release. Better get a new website and start from scratch. It will
cost you less."


Any suggestions Mr. Bruce Chizen, the visionary in design and communication?
Can you please give me your phone number or email address so that I can redirect
the complaints directly to you? Would you?

Of course not, you have other things, more important things to do? Am I right?

I know a few web designers Mr. Bruce Chizen who have developed their own
sites in Flash. After several years of struggling with software updates
and the caused extra work, they finally gave up updating and maintaining
their own sites using Flash. They have decided to switch to HTML.

At least, there is an organization which stands for web standards.

Can I ask you a question Mr. Bruce Chizen? Have you ever created something
that required a huge amount of time to create something special and unique?
Something that really means much to you? E.g. a painting, a website, a book or

I have investigated nearly 6 months to create the entire website in GoLive CS2
you will see under

Without the help and assistance of my wife an my father I would have
never achieved this goal.

And now there comes a CEO of a Publishing Software company who wants
to destroy it all.

However, I do not belong to the type of person who is giving up quickly
Mr. Bruce Chizen.

I will not let a software company destroy all the efforts I have made
in website creation for the past years. In comparison to you, the things
I have created really mean something to me.

Thus, I am going to fight until Adobe decides to revoke their changes
in concern of the table inspector palette. I wish to see the same functionality
of the table palette and table tool as it was for the past ten years.

Maybe you should try to see code as variation of "art". Honestly, I am
tired to see the flame postings "table layouts vs. css layouts" and vice
versa. There is simply no "golden rule" in "how to make a good website".
There is more than "one" single and "overall" technique and choice in web design
and development. This is in fact what makes the entire web design subject so
interesting and challenging.

Let web designers and developers choose the technique which he or she
believes fits best.

graphically & sincerely,

Marc Klein
mediaVinci - The art of invention

Anonymous said...

Dude - do you know how absolutely ridiculous you sound?

It's a software application. It is always a moving target - usually moving forward. There is no guarantee of backward-compatibility. You don't need to upgrade -- if you are so happy with CS2 then continue to use it and your files will work just fine.

Perhaps the most stupid comment though was about creating something. If you want to paint such broad statements - did you think that perhaps that product is one of his (and his team's) work of art.

Perhaps when you take a break you will look at your letter and realize how many people are rolling their eyes and thinking - "whack job"

Nancy McCord said...

To the last commenter, I don't see that you have the software. Don't be so quick to judge unless you have tried the application yourself. GoLive 9 may be just great for non-web designers, but for the professionals better stay away from this upgrade.

Nancy McCord

Hans said...

Dear Nancy

I have to agree that this is the most stupid update I ever made.

I am going to write to one of my contacts at Adobe about this.
I am actually furious at myself that I did not checkout the functions more thorough before purchasing the update.

Even if I am on an Intel Mac and my old Golive 6 is a pain to work with I still prefer it.


r. decline said...

the title of your story caught my eye since i've been using golive9 for a bit now...and well...did you even try to use the program for longer than 15 minutes?
my initial reaction was to not like 9 but after kicking it around the block a few times with some side projects, where i was afforded the time to learn where things were located over previous version, it works fine.

the images are not broken (course i did things correctly)

i can preview in any of the 14 browsers i have

and i can drag and drop so i'm not even sure about what any of those complaints are...though really one shouldn't be drag and dropping for their layout anyway unless they want sloppy code, bye bye tables...oh wait...golive 9 allows for drag drop css...ok so it doesn't create the most clever named tags for the stuff though...

i have indesign so that is a nice option thank you for not wanting me to be able to integrate the two nancy, i'm glad you don't design software.

looks like you wrote your article from a knee jerk reaction you had to it looking a bit different.

ok the icon is ugly i will give you that one, but i'm a web designer not an icon gazer.

Greg said...

I also upgraded GoLive CS2 to GoLive 9 and uninstalled it the same day. just 2 sites are broken but at least the program saves a backup version (file is called sitename 8.0). I am glad i just tried this "upgrade" and not bought it.