Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Community Blogging

A new trend that I am seeing is community blogging. You may say, that's old hat, but not with this special twist.

I am seeing blog vendors selling a community concept to mortgage bankers and real estate agents and firms. These power blogs are really like 50 to 150 blogs all rolled into one and with the site owners, advertising message as the real focus to drive business to their own website and create authority in their community. Based on that, it is a novel approach.

What the site owner does is to blog to set up the site with great content. Typically professional ghost bloggers are involved. Categories are set up in numerous business areas. Posts are focused on the community and events in an effort to draw in more participants. Business owners are solicited by the blog owner to blog about their business and services. There are no charges for these business owners to post. The blog owner is hoping that they will be prolific. Not only will the business owners business benefit, but the blog owner is benefiting by more traffic coming in from search engines and being exposed to their own marketing message.

The real thrust is to develop authority on the web for the community, typically a county by name, and to then soft sell the blog owners services and garner top search engine placement.

This is an incredibly savvy approach and one we are bound to see more of. Click our post title to visit the Maccomb County Voice which is just one of the blogs out there in this particular genre. As you review this blog, you will see that when worked properly the site become self propelled and becomes a legitimate voice and sounding board for the entire community from schools, attorneys, beauty salons, real estate agents, to restaurants, and special event announcements. This is a sweet deal for the real estate firm or attorney who is sponsoring the blog and so getting credit for creating an online community to benefit all.

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