Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wordpress, Typepad, or Blogger

As professional ghost bloggers, my team has used all the blogging platforms. Out of all, Wordpress, Typepad, and Blogger, my team and I like Blogger best.

Why is that you ask? Blogger is simple, easy to use, not overly complicated, and is fairy trouble and bug-free. I employ a variety of people as ghost bloggers, not all are computer geeks. Some are great writers but what I may call not technologically super-savvy either. Wordpress and Typepad have categories, meta tags, and much more, but do not make it easy and fast for our bloggers to use. In fact in one case, the blogger had to install Firefox on their computer just to be able to add tags in the Wordpress interface. Tags won't be saved when input with IE - not sure why there is this bug, but for a nearly technologically challenged excellent writer, this was and continues to be a big issue.

Typepad, we find not as simple nor as powerful as blogger. It is not easy to add a picture or to use the interface as the write and click Blogger interface. Where we have situations where clients sometime blog as well with us, simple and easy is extremely important. Blogger is just that. You have a post screen type your stuff, add a label at the bottom, spell check and you're done.

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