Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogging For the Big Bucks???

You hear it all the time, this blog is making thousands of dollars. On my side I hear how can I make money on my blog, I am hoping to make six figures.

Now you may want to comment from your own experience, but from what I have seen blogging is fun and can be profitable as a ghost blogging provider for other websites, but I have not seen any blogs raking in the cash to the tune of six figures.

I do know that a well-trafficked blog can make a decent or at least respectable income from AdSense or really rather the "products" that Google offers as in my case, but I think you really need to be in the "stratosphere" of popularity to be making enough income that you would want to quit your day job and blog full time.

For my part I blog for search engine benefits and for the authority that blogging gives to my website and my business. Blogging is just one of the overall techniques that I use for improving and maintaining my own business' organic placement. I have made money from my blog, but not enough to really be a major income flow. So if you are blogging for money, well think again - 'taint going to happen - blog because you love it or because you can see the organic benefit.

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