Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Blush is Off The Rose Fast When It Comes To Blogging

Blogging fatigue is why many clients call us to pick up blogging for them as ghost bloggers. If you have been blogging for any length of time then you can relate to the article linked to our post title about the five phases of blogging.

My own list would be:

1. Blog fascination - early on blogging is fun and cathartic
2. Is anyone out there - later when it becomes a grind to add to your blog and you are searching for topics, you start to wonder is anyone even reading my blog?
3. Make it or break it - this is where you will either abandon your blog, hire a writer, or push through and continue blogging, but understanding that you are blogging for many reasons, traffic and search engines just being a few.

Consistent blogging is hard work. There is no getting around it, blogging can be a grind, so they why continue?

Well here's my short list:
1. Blogging helps to keep your website content growing and fresh for search engines
2. Great blog posts help to create authority for your website and for you
3. New content attracts search engine spiders on a regular basis
4. Good blogs speak to many of the aspects that will determine a website's organic search page ranking.

So if blogging is getting you down, you are just simply tired of it, now is the time to consider paying a blogger to do it for you!

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