Thursday, September 6, 2007

Google AdWords Landing Page Test

Sometimes a customer just simply wants to do a test to see if something will work before they go whole hog. Here is one case study for Pinnacle Executive Center you may find interesting.

This client leases virtual office space in the Bethesda and Rockville areas outside of Washington DC. Now by virtual I mean 100 to 300 square foot mini-offices. But these offices have a special twist, they are deluxe and have reception service, copy center, conference rooms, and even concierge services. That means get your errands and dry cleaning done for you while you are working.

The client did not want to invest in a full blown optimized website and had already purchased a nice online Flash brochure, plus they were testing a Google AdWords program to see if any or all of it would work to drive leases.

What we did was to do a mini site optimization for the Flash page, scroll to the bottom of the landing page linked into my blog post title and you will see what I mean. You can right click to view source and review the meta tags as well. I tried to create some keyword density for them on a Flash site that had no text as he was hoping to get some organic placement as well.

In addition we are using this same page as a Google AdWords landing page, looking for a good quality score based again on a mini-optimization. I'll let you know how it performs over the next several weeks. It should be an interesting test!


TomNcp said...
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Carlos said...
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Nancy McCord said...

The comments that were deleted were spam, clearly they have not read my blog post of today that says you get not benefit putting a link in a Blogger blog anymore. :0)

Now for an update on the tactic that I mention in this post. Wow, it worked. We got excellent organic placement on this mini page. In fact so good that the client was able to stop the Google AdWords pay per click program.

The bottom-line is that you do not need a full blown website for organic placement on keywords that are not high dollar value words and that this strategy works great for locally targeted keywords on a narrow theme.