Thursday, September 27, 2007

The New Trend Using Blog Posts to Build Website Content

I have to say that I am not in favor of doing this - using blog posts to build website content, and there are several reasons why.

  1. The tone of writing in a blog post is casual in nature. Blogs are written almost in the same language as a spoken conversation.
  2. Blog posts are not typically considered "unique content". Most blog posts are a commentary on something else that has appeared on the Web. Although the spin and actual writing may be unique in nature, for a website to build their content on this type of writing without significant additional authoritative research on their own topic is a concern.
  3. There may be possible copyright infringement issues on blog post content for very high profile sites. When the entire content of a website is from blog posts which are commentary on other articles found on the web, the parent site may be setting itself up potentially for a copyright infringement suit. Especially if the site becomes very popular or has a very high profile.
  4. Blogs typically heavily link to articles on the web and other websites. Numerous outbound links from the main content of as site is not an approach that we take in today's changing world of search engine optimization. A very judicious policy of outbound linking should be the normal practice for website's that are going after organic placement.

Clearly from a business stand point blog writing is usually cheaper - a whole lot cheaper - than employing a web copywriter to write website content and so we are seeing a rise in interest in using blog posts for website content. From my viewpoint, the potential legal problems and loss of authoritative message are not a good trade off for the money that might be saved on quality website content copywriting in the overall big picture.

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