Monday, September 24, 2007

The Tangible Benefits of Blogging

Click our post title now and subscribe to our e-newsletter. I am just a few days away from publishing my new white paper "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging". This nine page PDF is a must read for any website owner. I have researched some case studies for over two years, set up this blog particularly for additional research and even evaluated the impact of blogging on organic search engine placement.

This is one great white paper! Right up there with our popular white paper evaluating Google AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search. In our newest white paper, you will walk away with hard documented research evaluating traffic, site stickiness, web visibility and much more.

After I publish the white paper, I will be focusing on my one blog Web-World Watch and posting less frequently here. I have personally found that it is hard to keep up with two blogs and have a thriving web business. So please allow me to point you to my main blog for more information.

I'm sure that I will test things out periodically on this blog just for blogging, but Web-World Watch is my top trafficked blog and where the thrust of my efforts are posted. I invite you to visit and book mark Web-World Watch.

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