Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog Piracy and Hostage Holding

Well now I have seen it all. I have a client for whom we do ghost blogging and he sent me a note yesterday asking if we could host his blog. It appears that his current blog host had charged $1,500 for blog set up, owned his domain name and blog template, and was charging a whopping $500 a month maintenance fee. On top of that he paid us ghost blogging charges.

It just does not have to cost this much to blog! Hosting for a WordPress blog with auto-publish features and full SEO fields (which I like very much) can be had for $3.39 a month at Go Daddy, blog set up and configuration with a nice free WordPress template can be done for under $199, and you can buy your domain name when you set up hosting with Go Daddy and even own it yourself for $1.99. Scary isn't it the difference!

To be 100% truthful his original blog allowed new authors to create their own blog, but only two people on his blog was using that the rest were just publishing to the main blog. We have been able to set up a plain vanilla WordPress blog at the prices above and allow all of his previous authors to continue to write and categorize their blogs by their business name for easy navigation to their posts.

Blogging and blog set up simply does not have to be expensive and maintenance should never cost this much. If you are paying this much for YOUR blog, you need to contact us to find out how we can save you money and still get the search engine benefits you want.

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