Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Use Feedburner For Blog Feed Tracking

Feedburner has been around for a while and just last year Google bought this interesting free tool. That should tell you something right there, when Google buys something, it has increased perceived value.

Feedburner allows you to make your RSS or Atom feed generated by your blog or e-newsletter user-friendly. Providing it in a format that matches the feed reader of your subscribers. It can turn an Atom feed into an RSS 2.0 feed or other version of RSS feed. It will track your activity and subscriptions with the new PRO tools that are now free to all, and will even allow you to send your blog posts as emails to subscribers.

Previously I have been leery of losing my domain tag on my feed address, but I have decided that the information and ability to track performance is more important than keeping my domain name tag on my feed.

Feedburner is easy to implement with WordPress and New Blogger auto-install widgets. So if you haven't checked out Feedburner, now's the time to take the leap and to know more about your news feed, reach, and subscribers.

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