Thursday, May 15, 2008

Outsourcing Your Blog Content Creation Overseas

The old adage you get what you pay for is exactly right when it comes to outsourcing your blog writing overseas. Indian and Philippine writers simply do not have the grasp of the American language to communicate properly with blog readers. When you are serious about communicating your message, you simply do not want a United Kingdom spelling of a common word that Americans may consider a misspelling as well or the strange use of everyday term.

Your website and blog content is about communicating your business message and should not have the distractions that a non-native speaker may include in an important post or online message. It is not as if they do it on purpose, clearly non-native speakers want and try to write and speak like a native speaker, but they can miss commonly used syntax or introduce strange wording or meanings without knowing that they are doing so.

I've seen some bloggers charge $5 a post for blog writing, but on analysis the post was worded strangely or included misspellings. There is simply no replacement for a native speaker when it comes to crafting your message for your blog or website.


Anonymous said...

Most Indians and Philippine citizens speak English as their second language. However, they speak the language using what they learned about the proper use of grammar. It is said that both of them used better grammar than native Americans does. It is because natives are more used to speaking informal American language and the frequent use of slangs. Seriously, Americans are more comfortable using common informal colloquial jargons.

It means these overseas writers you mentioned are more capable of making formal articles than natives does. Furthermore, most Americans do not care about their spelling and the coherence of thoughts of what they are writing. I've seen a lot of them especially the young ones.

However, it is true than most Indians and Filipinos sometimes attempt to use words that mean differently when read by an American. But ghostwriting firms still prefer these people because it's cheaper and their articles are not that bad. I doubt if one American will be ok with a $5 per 500 word article.


LAD said...

Sorry but your information is wrong.

It is true that India speaks British English because they were colonized by the United Kingdom before, and yes, most Americans are having a hard time understanding British English. But Philippines is different. About 95% of the population speak English. It is the third largest English speaking country in the world and largest in Asia (person per area, India being the largest in Asia when it comes to land size and population number)next to USA and Britain. But the Philippines use American English simply because it was a colony of the USA before the WWII. Until now, it is one of the major ally of the country.

If ghostwriting firms do not want ghostwriters from these countries, then just hire someone native to your language. But I doubt that will happen. If you did not understand the article written by these people (of which i think is a rare situation), well then I guess you have to live with it. That's the consequence of choosing low budget employees.